Merry Christmas to all!

Merry Christmas everyone!

I’ve just emerged from my post-Christmas-Eve coma (earlier than usual but I think it’s because I’m anxious to start sewing), and I thought I’d blog about my wonderful Christmas eve 🙂

So, after a Friday of non-stop baking (I did a batch of my Galaxy cookies, a batch of vanilla refrigerator cookies, a batch of chocolate marshmallow cookies, attempted to do a batch of candy cane cookies, then did a variant with the candy cane dough), I was able to sleep in a teeny bit before starting my Christmas eve.

I went over to my fiance’s place, and opened gifts with him & his dad. He got me a Roddy Piper t-shirt, so I have a wrestling shirt to wear to WWE nights at Fox & the Hound, and he got me Forza 4, which I’ve been dying to play with all the talk from the boys. It reminds me of Gran Turismo, which I adored back in the day when I had a functioning Playstation2. Plus the car descriptions by Jeremy Clarkson are awesome!! Zach played a couple for me when I was over there last weekend & I adored them, it’s like watching an episode of Top Gear. I can’t WAIT to start playing this game, and especially playing it against my friends.

Red Wing boots

My new Red Wing boots!

Then we headed off to Red Wing Shoes for the other part of my gift from them – a nice pair of Red Wing boots! While I was trying them on, Ken had his laces replaced because they were breaking again. Free laces replacement & oiling for the life of the shoe 🙂 They’re very comfy!

After Red Wing we headed to his aunt & uncle’s place for a little bit. Got to try a wine that I actually liked, it was apple-y & not very alcoholic-tasting. We also played this dice game they like to play & I ended up winning! 🙂 Then, they were off to dinner with Ken’s dad, while Ken & I were off to my family.

So, for the past decade or so my Aunt Debbie has been hosting Christmas, first in Homewood then in Indiana, she started when hosting Christmas became a little too hard for my grandmother. But this year my Aunt Dee-Dee insisted on hosting because the trip to Indiana is just getting too hard for my grandmother. Plus it’s a long trip for baby Mikey as well, and we didn’t want him tired out for his first Christmas! 🙂

Yes, it was the first great-grandchild’s very first Christmas and they went all out!! My Uncle Tom donned the Santa suit to continue the tradition my grandfather started. Of course, he was having trouble with a too-tight belt and poor Mikey was a little confused & scared. Though, looking at his facial expressions, I swear he recognized his grandpa’s voice and was trying to figure out why it was coming from this strange bearded man. We did get a couple of shots with him in Santa’s lap before he started wailing.

It was also great to just get to visit with everyone. 🙂 I don’t see my cousins nearly enough, because we’re all so busy, so it was nice to see everyone. But really, it was the baby Mikey show. He got the best Christmas haul! I think his favorite gift was the toy his Uncle Tommy got him – I’m not sure exactly what it’s called but it’s this wooden cube with stuff on all the sides and on the top, these curvy wires with big wooden beads on them. As soon as Tommy put it down, he stood up and started playing with the beads (that was basically what was sticking out of the box). So cute!! Ken & I got him some Bob the Builder food containers & an autographed copy of Strega Nona: Her Story. I grew up on the Strega Nona books, and I wanted Mikey to enjoy them as well.

Christmas gifts

My Christmas gifts

After I dropped Ken off back at home, I headed back home for gifts with my parents (as soon as I was old enough to know about Santa, we gave up any pretense of sleeping & started opening the gifts as soon as we got home from the family celebration, then we sleep in longer). They got me the complete series six of Doctor Who, a Harry Potter ornament, a furry hat (it’s so soft & warm!), Dominican University pajama pants, some socks, these really pretty flower-shaped soaps, chocolate, a spindle of 100 burnable DVDs (to archive/backup files from my computer), a huge CD/DVD case (holds over 300 discs), and the best item – fleece & notions to make jammies!!

Now I’m off to have a bit of breakfast & start sewing. I’m determined these jammies will be ready for New Year’s Eve 🙂 (I got enough fleece & notions to make two pair, so if I can get one pair done this week I’ll be happy). I’ll be putting up a page on my website with the whole story, but basically I want to re-create this great pair of fleece one-piece jammies with built-in footies that I got at Target years ago. I’ve gotten newer ones from there but the new ones are a bit longer and they’re just not as comfortable for short little me. So I’m taking apart one of the ones that fits me (the zipper broke on it) and using that as a template to make more.

Anyway – Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!

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