Getting back into blogging!

Whoops, I kinda started neglecting this blog!

I’ve decided to make my Lenten resolution to blog each day of Lent, as well as add one new piece of content to one of my websites.

So what have I been up to lately? Well I graduated, back in January. I’ll do a whole post on that soon. My friends Steve, Zach & Amanda got me into HeroClix, and I’ve been playing for almost two months. I finally managed to win a couple of rounds last week! 🙂 I’ve been working hard on a baby blanket for Ken’s cousin, who should be having her baby any day now. I’m also trying to work through a large K-9 plushie for Paxie. Since I’m trying to get through some somewhat mindless knitting, I’ve started marathoning Babylon 5. I was into it way back in the day when it first started but then I got busy with work and then school and missed a lot. So I started with the prequel movie, In the Beginning, then moved on to the pilot, and now I’m working through season 1.

I’m also working hard at work, dealing with juggling my usual solid stack of materials to catalog while also participating on the Social Media Team, helping beta test the new Sierra software that we will be migrating to this summer, and helping set up a profile for a potential new vendor account. Busy times!! I won a scholarship to attend the On the Front Lines Conference in Springfield next month, I’m really looking forward to it. I’ll be getting a hotel room at the President Abraham Lincoln hotel for two nights, and there’s a lot of wonderful sessions I really can’t wait to attend! I also just submitted paperwork to attend the IUG conference in April – IUG stands for Innovative User Group, it’s basically a conference focusing on products from Innovative Interfaces Inc, our cataloging software vendor. I want to learn more about Sierra, which will be our new software, as well as learning more details about Millennium, our current software.

Of course, April will be insanely busy – in that month I have our Relay kick-off, the last Acen staff meeting of the year, Easter, C2E2, IUG (maybe), Drag Queen Bingo (fundraiser for Team GEEK), and Acen. Oh and the weekend after Acen is Free Comic Book Day, and I will be at Graham Crackers in Naperville in Ghostbusters uniform with the boys (they asked us to appear, I’m looking forward to it since I TOTALLY missed Free Comic Book Day last year). Weekend after that is the 6th Whoniverse Photoshoot. I CAN HAS TARDIS PLEASE????

Of course, don’t forget about wedding planning being stirred into the mix. I met with the priest at Dominican I’d like to have say the ceremony. He is really nice, and I liked him right away. Even more so after I went to mass this weekend with Ken and heard one of the best homilies ever! That was after we dragged the poor guy through a wedding show – me, Carole, Ken & my cousin Nicole. It was pretty bride-centric but there were a couple of tux places, which expanded our options beyond Men’s Warehouse. We did see some stuff that gave us ideas, saw a couple of photographers we liked, and had a good time. So the next step is settling the date argument (he’s pushing for Dec of this year, I’m pushing for next year so we have more time to get money together, get the house in order, get crafting done, etc) Then we need to figure out budget, how many we’re inviting, and who we want in the wedding party. Then we can start navigating the incredible red tape at Dominican, and try to decide on a venue.

Phew, that went a bit longer than planned! But I guess my life really is that busy right now. Back to Babylon 5! 🙂

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