Interesting day

Nearly forgot to blog today! Forgetting my Lent promise & it’s only the second day!

Today was an interesting day at work. I attended a pair of webinars that covered the administration module of the new library software we are currently beta testing. It was interesting and it got me out of my usual building for half the day. Then I went back to Tech Services for a couple of hours. I parked on the street to save a little time in walking from my usual parking spot and I’m happy to say I parallel parked my car on the first try!

Then after work it was HeroClix. My buddy James joined us for the first time tonight, which was great 🙂 We had a team up night where everyone brought a 200 point team & we were paired up to make 400 point teams. It made for some interesting game play!

I skipped the usual post game wings trip to head home while the rain was still rain. It was slippery enough for my taste, especially with morons blowing past me (a pox on them all!!) and only about an hour after I got home it turned to snow so I got home at a good time.

Looking outside it’s getting deeper so I think I might stay in tomorrow. I have thank you cards to write for graduation after all! And Saturday is an Acen staff meeting. But really I just don’t feel like going out in the snow.

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