Gaming is addicting

Today is a day where I really haven’t accomplished much. I blame iPhone games.

There’s several games I’ve been playing like crazy lately. I blame TapJoy for introducing me to some of them – I use TapJoy to download apps to earn premium currency in games so I don’t have to spend money. Most of them I open, get the gems, then delete. But a few I’ve gotten hooked on.

The iPhone games I’ve been playing like mad today: (I’m KnitChick1979 on GameCenter btw)

Prize Claw
Coin Dozer
Sweet Shop
Pocket Potions
Hidden Objects: Gardens of Time
Fairway Solitaire

Now, the ones I’ve had a while are DragonVale, Sweet Shop & Pocket Potions. The others I found through TapJoy trying to get more gems for those games.

DragonVale is a game where you have magical floating islands where you hatch & grow dinosaurs. You have visitors to your magical dragon park, and there’s tons of different dragons to hatch. You also can breed dragons, it can make for some interesting combos. I love that you can name your dragons 😀 I’ve been having way too much fun with that.

Pocket Potions & Sweet Shop are from the same company & work the same way. You have a shop, you brew potions or cook candies. You grow magical plants for ingredients, and you have tables for the bottles of potions or jars of candies to sit on. There’s also decorations and stuff. One thing I like about this game as opposed to Pucca’s Restaurant (that I was playing like mad but kinda stopped), the potions & sweets don’t spoil if you don’t get back to bottle them on time.

Prize Claw & Coin Dozer are also same company games. They’re just like the game machines they’re named after. Prize Claw is like those claw machines you see all over but way more fun. You can get powerups, it’ll give you missions like grab 5 gems or earn 50 coins, and you can upgrade your claw & joystick. There’s also sets of prizes – if you get one of each prize in the set it can be traded in for a powerup. There’s also puzzle pieces to collect. WAY addicting!! Coin Dozer is like those coin machines you see at carnivals or arcades, where a pusher shoves coins forward and you need to aim your new coin to help push the prizes & coins into your catch basin & not into the gutter. There’s also sets of prizes, they’re not easy to get, but they add up to bonuses.

Fairway Solitaire is really addictive. Ask me how late I’ve stayed up playing it last couple of nights. It’s golf mixed with solitaire, you have to chose cards one higher or lower than the card in your pile. There’s irons you can “buy” with in-game bucks to help if the draw pile is giving you crappy cards. There’s also wild cards and water hazards or sand traps to navigate. Plus there’s an awesome story before and between courses, about a gopher who’s determined to get rid of those nasty golfers!

Hidden Objects: Gardens of Time is the other SUPER addictive one. This one is find the hidden object games plus find the differences games plus TIME TRAVEL!! It’s got a bit of Torchwood/Doctor Who Time Agency feel to it. 🙂 There’s a storyline with some intrigue, there’s time travel to ancient Egypt, and there’s finding anachronistic objects in historical settings. The time travel nerd in me does not want to put this game down!!! I highly recommend this if you have an iPhone or iPad – and add me as a neighbor!! My PlayID in the game is KnitChick1979 (and it’s also a GameCenter game)

And that’s enough blogging. Back to my prize claw machine, I have more coins to snag!

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