On Anime Central & why I love our staff

So much of today was taken up by this month’s all-staff Anime Central staff meeting. 🙂

This year is my fourth year on staff, my first as an Assistant Department Head. Every time I go to a staff meeting I am reminded how awesome our staff is and how much I love them!! I always get hugs from good friends I don’t see nearly often enough, and I’m always learning something cool. We’re getting down to crunch time with the con – two months out, and still so much to do!! But I know our staff will do it, and this con year will be great!

Anime Central is such a fun convention, and I’m so glad I decided to start attending it. I went in 2007 with the goal of making new friends – at the time I had been single for a year and a half and had NO friends since my ex had basically cut me off from my friends and the only people we spent time with were HIS friends. I met so many awesome people that year, including a couple of friends who I roomed with the following year. Then later in 2008 I lost my job and that was partly why I moved onto staff (I was already thinking about it because I wanted to give back, I just might have started a year later if I hadn’t been unemployed).

My department is dubbed Team Awesome, and for a very good reason. We’re a small tight-knit team that works well together and our fearless leader is so organized 🙂 Every time they ask for reports or have deadlines, our stuff is in right away. I’m definitely trying to take that and apply it in my regular job. Plus we’re all Doctor Who nerds, we even do a Doctor Who themed artwork on our badges every year!

One of my favorite at-con activities for my department is our tally board. There’s a white board in the office we use in the Hyatt, and so we just started keeping track of the Power Rangers we saw that year (our ADH up until this year, Shelley, is a huge PR fan). Then we expanded from that. We usually keep track of all the Doctor Who cosplayers (broken down by character), kilts (separate tallies for kilts & utilikilts), Power Rangers, and last year we added Doctor Horrible cosplayers. It’s a goofy fun thing we do, and I love it! Plus it’s great to see just how many Doctor Who cosplayers are wandering around con.

This year I’m really looking forward to seeing just how many Doctor Who cosplayers we get – we filled up the loading docks last year, and this year we’ve been given hour slots on both Friday & Saturday, and a full half of the loading docks (which is split in four). We’re one of the bigger photoshoots – just a handful of shoots get an hour, and only one is getting longer (Homestuck is getting an hour and a half).

I’m also split between terrified and excited about moving up to ADH this year. I’m expecting to not get much done con-wise because of my duties but there are certain things I’m gonna try my hardest to make it to. One is the Doctor Who shoots (I figure I can hide the radio in my bomber jacket as I’ll be wearing Ace for the shoot this year). I also want to try and sneak off to take a peek at the Assassin’s Creed shoot because there’s going to be a wedding in the middle of it. Yes, the couple got engaged during the masquerade last year and this year they’re getting married at con. I think that’s so cool!! Plus if I can I definitely want to visit karaoke (I had way too much fun during KollisionCon doing karaoke & hanging out with the awesome Midwest Karaoke Madness team – the MCs Zach & James are two of my best guy friends). If I can there’s also a few panels I want to see. But mostly I’ll be around the Special Needs office, watching Doctor Who, knitting, and maybe watching the Acen forums.

Of course, mix that with the OTHER three cons I’m doing in March & April…May is going to be my collapse month. I’m driving down to Springfield for a three day work conference – it’s a conference focused on improving customer service in libraries. Then of course in early April is C2E2. I’m doing two panels there with the Ghostbusters: Chicago Division (Chicago Ghosts panel on Saturday, a storytime for the kids on Sunday). Then, the real insanity hits with the IUG conference the three days immediately after C2E2 (it’s a work conference focused on the library system software we use).

May, I have two things scheduled – Free Comic Book Day appearance at Graham Crackers Naperville, we’re going to be there in our Ghostbusters uniforms, and then the sixth Whoniverse Photoshoot the following Saturday. Rest of the month, I’ll be sleeping. 🙂

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