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Essential iPad apps

This is a blog post I’ve been meaning to write for a while now, and a discussion on my cataloging listserv reminded me I hadn’t yet. I finally got a tech toy I’ve been wanting for ages – my long-coveted iPad. I’ve had it about three weeks now, I used my tax refund to pick up one. I lucked out that one of my best friends, who has amazingly excellent taste, already owned pretty much the exact model I had my eyes on (iPad 2, 32 GB) and sold me hers because she was planning to upgrade. Lucky because the model I wanted is no longer in Apple’s refurb store. She also gave me her case, which I get tons of compliments on. Right away I set it up with the apps I wanted. I’ve had an iPhone for 3.5 years now, and I’m an app addict, so I’ve explored many of the apps out there. My initial apps on the iPad were ones I was already using, then I went and grabbed several others I’d scouted out ahead of time. And now, dear reader, you can benefit from my time playing with apps to save you time setting up your iPad.

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Welcome to my new blog!

Hello everyone!

I’ve decided that as long as I sprung for the paid webspace, I’d install WordPress & start a new blog here.  I’ve let my paid membership at LiveJournal lapse since I’m not as active there anymore, and really, there’s been so many DDOS attacks there I’d rather move anyway.  I’m not getting rid of my LJ, just not going to be using it as a dedicated blog.

This is just my introductory post – my first real posts will be my Chicago TARDIS convention report, which I’ll hopefully get up soon, depends on how quickly I can get through homework.

Anyway, welcome to my new blog, see you again soon! 🙂

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