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Birthday Freebie List 2018

Come November, once again I play the annual ‘how much free stuff can I rake in’ game! Every year I have friends asking how I manage to pull in so much for my birthday, so I’m sharing what I got this year and how I got it. A lot of these are through either email lists or phone apps, so the trade off is extra apps on your phone or lots of email throughout the year (or in my case, both). But it can be worth it! Some of these only really send something good at your birthday, others send good stuff year round – I’ve tried to note which ones are really worth signing up for.

This post is in chronological order of when I received the emails (I’m using my inbox to write this up). The list is naturally a little Chicago-centric, because that’s where I live, so there may be some chains not found in your area, or the offer might be different. Also, these offers can change year to year – I forgot to make a blog post last year (2017) but you can view my 2016 list and see how some of the offers have changed. I’ve noticed over the last few years a lot of what used to be a straight up free entree or dessert has changed to a buy-one-get-one-free (such as Flat Top or Cold Stone Creamery). Some of those don’t bother me too much – it’s not as much fun to get Flat Top alone, so I’d be going with a friend anyway.

So without further adieu – the 2018 birthday haul!

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Birthday Freebies Master List

Hi all!

A lot of friends have been curious about how I manage so many free things for my birthday (this year’s count – 64 offers received!) so I thought I’d put up a post detailing what I got for everyone’s reference.

This will be in chronological order of when I got the freebie/offer/etc, since that’s how I have them listed in my master list.

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