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On Anime Central & why I love our staff

So much of today was taken up by this month’s all-staff Anime Central staff meeting. 🙂

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Getting back into blogging!

Whoops, I kinda started neglecting this blog!

I’ve decided to make my Lenten resolution to blog each day of Lent, as well as add one new piece of content to one of my websites.

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Chicago TARDIS 2011 – con report

Okay, time to write up this con report before I completely forget what happened!

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Chicago TARDIS 2011 – photos up!

Hi all!

I will be writing up a full convention report probably tomorrow or Friday (had to dive right into homework), but I wanted to post that I have uploaded my photos.  They’re all up on Facebook, and the last of the photos are heading up to Flickr right now. under the Chicago TARDIS 2011 set.

Highlights of this convention year: Matthew Waterhouse & Janet Fielding trading barbs about knit Daleks, winning the $25,000 Pyramids of Mars game, getting tons of nice comments about my super awesome geeky engagement, talking wedding plans/ideas with Tony Lee, and getting Mark Sheppard to pose for a photo by Mad Girl’s TARDIS with the Traveling Duckies!

Full report to come soon! 🙂

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